Automobile Insurance

You purchase Auto Insurance for multiple reasons:

  • To protect yourself for Liability in the event you cause bodily injury or property damage to other people.
  • Provide physical damage coverage for your vehicles.
  • Medical Expenses.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists Coverage for when someone with no insurance or not enough coverage injures you.
  • Appease the bank to protect your loan.

At Insure the Lake, we provide automobile insurance to residents around the entire Lake of the Ozarks area, including Osage Beach, Camdenton, Eldon, Lake Ozarks, and surrounding areas. Coverage is critical to have, and even more important is working with someone you can trust to call should you ever have an accident and need to make a claim. This is just one of the reasons why using a local automobile insurance agent is important!

Do you have the automobile insurance coverage you need to protect your family?

We'll do a free, no-obligation analysis of your current auto insurance coverage to determine what coverage you have, if it's adequate to cover your potential medical bills and protect your assets, and see if we can save you a little money compare to what you are currently paying.

Homeowners Insurance & Condo Insurance

Your Homeowners Insurance policy gives you financial protection in the unfortunate event your home or contents are damaged in a loss.  Your homeowners policy should cover the home and contents for physical damage, subject to a deductible.  The policy will also pick up liability to help protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit.  Loss of Use coverage will allow you to pay for additional housing if you must move temporarily due to a covered loss.

Your homeowners policy also grants some coverage to other structures such as sheds, detached garage and docks.  Be sure the automatic limit given is adequate for your needs.  Also, keep in mind that many homeowners policies do not cover docks for collapse coverage.  This is a major issue at the Lake of the Ozarks in the Winter.  Make sure your agent provides this important coverage.

Download Our FREE Comprehensive Home Inventory Checklist

If you ever have a catastrophic loss, a home inventory checklist is the best way to ensure that your claim is properly paid. The home inventory checklist is a way to document all items IN your home, including major appliances, furniture, electronics, collectibles, and more. Having this information chronicled in advance of a loss is extremely helpful and works to your benefit. You should download this checklist, complete it, and then store it in a safe location (like a safe deposit box).

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Boat Insurance

Your boat policy can provide coverage for your liability while out on the water as well as physical damage to the boat if damaged.  Be sure to keep in mind that many policies only pay Actual Cash Value (ACV) unless specifically stated on the policy.  In some instances your can get Agreed Value or even Replacement Cost, but only on newer models.  As the vessels age your company may switch the coverage to ACV.

Life Insurance

Here’s a claim everyone is eventually guaranteed to have.  Be sure to protect your family and business with and adequate death benefit to meet the ongoing needs of your loved ones.  Everyone’s situation is unique, so develop a plan to help continue serving your family after you are gone.

Health Insurance

Lots of changes have happened since the Affordable Care Act was implemented and like it or not more changes continue to be made every day.  Health insurance is no longer just about medical coverage.  Be sure to discuss your specific needs with an agent that can help you determine your best course of action and if you are eligible for premium assistance.

Insurance Services

auto insurance

Car Insurance We'll review your existing policy and help determine if you have the right coverage at the right cost!

business insurance

Business Insurance Make sure you have the right coverage for your business ... we'll do a full analysis.

home owners insurance lake of the ozarks

Home Owners Insurance It's important to protect your greatest asset and to ensure you have the right coverage.

Meet Steve Naught It's essential to work with an agent you can trust and one you can reach when you need to.

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